Closed - Firewalls, Friday 9th of March 2007

I would like to announce to all of you a lecture about: Firewalls

1- Time: Friday 9th of March 2007 At 6:00 PM.

2- Place : ITUniversity - Mujama3 Mousa Abu Salim - Queen Rania St - 300 m
west of Dawwar Al Madinah Alriyadiyah, beside the Ministry of Agriculture.

3- What: Firewalls features and demo for a linux based firewall (IPCop)

4- Who: Abd-Alfattah Abu Duhair

5-Expected Duration:45 minutes [30 minutes discussion and 15 minutes demo]
Thaks to Abd-Alfattah Abu Duhair

Please confirm with a comment.

Hope to see all of you there



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RE:Firewalls, Friday 9th of March 2007

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