Closed - Lecture Friday 1th of June 2007

I would like to announce to all of you a lecture about:

1 - Time: Friday 1th of june 2007 At 6:00 PM.

2 - Place : ITUniversity - Mujama3 Mousa Abu Salim - Queen Rania St - 300 m
west of Dawwar Al Madinah Alriyadiyah, beside the Ministry of Agriculture.

3- what:

4 - Who:

5 - Expected Duration:

please comment below

Hope to see all of you there


are we set?

please confirm that a social meeting is set,,
and if so, please post it in the mailing list, and put this thread on the home page
thx mousa

small typo

Just would like to correct a typo,

It's 1st, not 1th.

Freedom to Rant -


can we make an installation festival, or , two or more installations for beginners??
many question may appear concerning partitioning, filesystem hierarchy, dual booting, distributions, boot images, maybe programs, or drivers, compiling kernels( maybe that's sth alone), shells, y3ni (intro) or (reintroduction) i wanna redo all these stuff again, i miss it, it's been a while since i last used linux :-$ ( hello i'm a mac )
and this time, let's start on time plz, so that we can make use of all of it plz.
timing, it's better on 29th of june for me